SuisseID goes OpenID

Thursday April 1st, 2010 – 03:45 PM

The project ‘SuisseID goes OpenID” of Clavid got accepted for funding by the SuisseID project jury in order to provide easy-to-use OpenID capability for SuisseID.

Every owner of a SuisseID is therefore capable to use OpenID with SuisseID. That gives direct access OpenID enabled sites using the strong authentication possibility of SuisseID. As a result, the SuisseID can be used for thousands of web sites already enabled for OpenID.

Just one month before the actual SuisseID launch, Clavid’s OpenID service is already fully SuisseID enabled and therefore the first public online service supporting SuisseID.

For additional information go to the Clavid web site at

Videos on how to use SuisseID with OpenID are available at Vimeo

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